hello miguel,
On Sun, Sep 05, 2004 at 12:32:37AM -0400, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
>     Carol has decided that there is a conspiracy from someone against
> the Gimp or the toolkit or Unix, or something else.  It is not clear
> from her paranoid e-mails.  I have decided not to follow up to any of
> this paranoid flood of emails to save time.
not really a flood.  just me trying to get an answer.  my experience
with people in general and on this list in particular is that a little
demonstration of a cool function is easily grasped and even incorporated
into their work flow.  perhaps gnome users are not so clever, i dunno.

we are speaking of the gimp tool kit, just to help you remember where
you got your tools from.

>     Not to mention that am not directly involved with Gtk+ development
> or Gnome development for the last three years, so am not sure whats the
> point of communicating to me her problems with the Gimp file selector.
well, where is luis?  luis told me that the file selector was changed to
keep his mothers computer simple enough for her.  i have a feeling that
luis mom could have easily used the old file selector complete with the
tab completion that linux apps have always always been proud of.

if you could let me speak with luis.  apologize to tim ney and reimburse
the gnome foundation for a flight that your people did not take
seriously, none of this stuff would be happening right now.  i suggested
this all weeks ago.  you never answered me back.

and be careful with the accusations.  i am an average computer user who
is highly interested in what happens with its development and eager to

>     If you have issues with Gtk+, the Gimp or Gnome talk to the
> maintainers and argue with them.   I am not any of them, and I am not
> interested in debunking whatever theory you have.
the gnome foundation has started to handle donations made by people
interested in gimp.  some of this money paid for me to go to gimpcon
that was held in conjunction with guadec.  i spent my time there as
carefully as possible, due to the funding situation.  you can understand
this, i hope.  it is a volunteer situation here.

this list is comprised of many different sorts of computer users, using
gimp on many different operating systems.  one thing i thought was the
goal of the volunteer software movement was to educate people about this
tool they acquire and try to use.  the people here are all interested in
the gimp and whether they understand it or not, the gimp tool kit.

okay, who is paranoid in this exchange?

18:33 -!- miguel [EMAIL PROTECTED] has joined
18:33 < miguel> Hey guys
18:33 < miguel> Who maintains the Gimp these days?
18:34 <@nomis> miguel: hi
18:34 <@nomis> miguel: Sven, Mitch and Yosh
18:34 < miguel> I have this retarded user called carol sending some
pretty annoying and stupid emails to me my way
18:34 < miguel> What are their email addresses?
18:35 <@nomis> miguel: {sven|mitch|[EMAIL PROTECTED]
18:35 <@carol> miguel: i thought you asked for an introduction. i waited
18:35 <@carol> weeks for a reply back
18:35 <@carol> honored by your visit today though ;)
18:36 <@carol> miguel: did you try to google for those emails btw?
18:37 <@carol> these are all volunteers here ...
18:37 <@carol> (i googled for yours)
18:38 < miguel> thanks nomis
18:38 -!- miguel [EMAIL PROTECTED] has left
#gimp []

apparently, waiting for an introduction back fits your definition of

i asked luis from Ximian the reason for the very very stupid (my
opinion) changes to the file selector.  the answer he gave me made the
gimp developers laugh and not work with me.

for the people who funded my trip to norway, i simply asked that you
send an apology to tim ney for this bad answer and offer to reimburse
gnome foundation/gimp for the flight.  i think i was more careful than
ximian with the money and time of volunteers.

the people who use gimp are very smart.  if they do not know about a
really cool function, they are very easily educated.

you suggested also that i fork the "gimp tool kit".  okay.  lets dissect
all that is wrong with this.  i suspect that you are as smart as the
gimp users to see how terribly silly this suggestion is and that perhaps
you are drinking or doing some sort of drugs .....

miguel, since you dont bother to introduce yourself back, is this you?

the gimp developers are actually building software that is being used on
several different operating systems successfully.  this application is
doing real work.  

perhaps you can start over and explain to me what the name of my fork
should be again.  assume the readers of these mails are of at least an
average intelligence.  assume that they dont care about ximians
financial success and prefer that their gimp work as well as it ever

assume that luis gave me a really crappy answer and that the people that
sent me to the convention have expected more.  they got it from me, they
did not get it from ximian.

perhaps you should start over.  get ahold of luis and see that my
accounting of my meeting with him is accurate:

not being able to find luis since guadec lead me to you.  you are one of
the primary people at Ximian or no?

do you treat all the volunteers this way?  did luis treat me the way you
guys treat all volunteer funded people?

btw, i hear there is a big article coming out this month about you and
linux.  is this true?  now that you are part of the gimp user group via
this list, can you keep us posted on this?

welcome to the gimp user list, btw.  above average intelligence computer
users.  please keep this in mind when you write to this list or any of
the people with a gimp dot org address.  they are busy writing software
that people are actually using.  do not continue to let it look like you
are confused with this situation, please.


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