> or perhaps there can be a list of what makes miguel different than me
> and perhaps other volunteers.  there are some differences.  miguel does
> not work with gpl or gnu anymore, he works with microsoft design.

I work on Mono, which is open source/free software code, licensed under
the GPL, the LGPL and the MIT X11 licenses.  

Your attempt at demonizing me is a bit weak.

I lead an effort of 25 paid developers that produce nothing but open
source/free software code as well as steering the 300 volunteers that
work on a daily basis on the Mono project.

We implement parts of a Microsoft designed runtime and API.  If you do
not like this its your problem, work it out with a professional.

If you really want to play `Microsoft puritan', you might want to start
by removing any XML related tools from your system and downgrade to
Netscape 2.0 before Microsoft had a chance to contribute to the HTML
specs as well, they must be evil.

> i guess it is time to decide what behavior we are to expect from the
> corporate funded developers and the funded by the people developers.

It is not about `male' vs `female', its about you harassing me over
something I had nothing to do with in the less possible constructive

You want your file selector fixed, and by attacking me, you are not
going to get anything done.  Contribute, engage, discuss with those
responsible for the changes (Gimp maintainers, Gtk+ maintainers).

I have explained this time and again, and you keep trying to make this
into a corporate vs the free world issue, which it is not (or your more
laughable attempt at making this an issue of sexual discrimination).

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