David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> You may have tried to install the GIMP 2.1 into the same
> directory as the old GIMP, and this does not work. It's
> documented in the "README" file, which you read, of course. ;)
> I don't know how those errors manifest themselves, and I would
> have expected something more subtle than this, but however...

See my other response in this thread. The error that the original
poster was seeing when starting up GIMP is completely unrelated to the
installation prefix he has choosen. He simply forgot to run ldconfig.

> You can use the old 2.0 plug-ins by doing something like "ln -s
> /usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins ~/.gimp-2.1/plug-ins ", but then you
> will not have all the bug-fixes and previews which have gone into
> the 2.1 series.

This won't work with 2.1.4 though since we accidentally broke the wire
protocol. It will work again with 2.1.5 (or current CVS).
> No, this isn't the case. Perhaps you are missing the icon themes,
> which are an optional but reccommended component for the GIMP?

He is missing at least one of the following:

- an icon theme that provides the icons
- the shared-mime-info package
- an entry in ~/.gtkrc-2.0 that tells gtk+ to use the icon theme
  (for example: gtk-icon-theme-name = "gnome")

Alternatively upgrading to a recent GTK+-2.4 release would have fixed
the problem.

You should perhaps have mentioned that there's also "Open Location" in
the toolbox which offers an entry to paste URLs or filenames to.

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