* and then olivier ripoll declared....
> I think the following tutorial corresponds more or less to what you want 
> to achieve.
> http://www.gimpguru.org/Tutorials/ReplaceForeground/
> The problem of loosing pixels you had with you dog and with your sister 
> would be easily avoided if:
> 1- You always work on a copy (thus you can get the lost data back).

Ahhhh... ok!

> 2- You use either the layer mask or the quickmask, as I explained 
> yesterday. The eraser is definitely not the good tool for what you want.

Right, do you think that photo is now rubbish? do i need to start over
from the beggining?

> PS: Your sister looks great! (forgive me, I am French ;) )

hehe, that's why she's the model, i want this site to make $$$s.... hehe

Nick W
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