Nick Wilson wrote:
* and then olivier ripoll declared....

Right, I actually got on really well with using a layer mask! - However,
now i am down to the very fine details im not sure i have the right
brush. You mentioned 'feathered' but i dont see that in the tool
options? Im using a 3px fuzzy circle, is that the same thing? my lines
are a little jagged ;(

The fuzzy circle is fine, it is what I meant by 'feather'. With it, your image should not look jagged then. I managed to get good results with the circle fuzzy 7 and 9. 3 might be too small indeed. You must paint in black in the mask not only what you want to delete, but also the pixels at the border of what you want to keep.

Hooray! This is a much better effort I think ;-)

Great work. No jagged pixels at all.

You think that's okay Oliver or does it need some work? I think it looks
great but like i said, im no graphic artist....

Thanks ever so much for all the help, very kind of you to take the time

I am no artist either, but you can still try to see what would happen to the colours/contrast if you play with the levels tool (Layer->Colors->Levels). There are other filters there that you might try just to see if you can improve the image colours: try every one of the Layer->Colors->Auto menu and see if one can give a good result. Nothing guaranteed ;)

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