* and then olivier ripoll declared....
> >Right, I actually got on really well with using a layer mask! - However,
> >now i am down to the very fine details im not sure i have the right
> >brush. You mentioned 'feathered' but i dont see that in the tool
> >options? Im using a 3px fuzzy circle, is that the same thing? my lines
> >are a little jagged ;(
> The fuzzy circle is fine, it is what I meant by 'feather'. With it, your 
> image should not look jagged then. I managed to get good results with 
> the circle fuzzy 7 and 9. 3 might be too small indeed. You must paint in 
> black in the mask not only what you want to delete, but also the pixels 
> at the border of what you want to keep.

Hooray! This is a much better effort I think ;-)

You think that's okay Oliver or does it need some work? I think it looks
great but like i said, im no graphic artist.... 

Thanks ever so much for all the help, very kind of you to take the time
Nick W
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