Hi all,

I'm on Debian woody (testing), using gimp 2.0.6 with the enlightenment window
manager (no GNOME/KDE) and have a few problems.

1. I can't take single window screenshots.  Everything looks the same as with
   gimp 1.3.  I click on "Acquire | Screenshot" and make sure that "a Single
   Window" is checked.

   However, when I go to take the screenshot, the screenshot is of the entire
   screen, not just one window.

   Single window screenshots have not worked for me since the day I upgraded
   to gimp 2.x.

   What's going on?  I can't believe that single window screenshots work for
   the rest of the world, but not for me....  :)

2. How do you move text?  Once I lay down text onto an image, I can't seem
   to move it around in the image like I could with gimp1.2.  It's almost
   like the text is not on the image, but I can see it on the image.

3. GNOME2 is ugly.  And it's significantly slower than GNOME1.2.  Is there
   any way to get the GNOME1 interface back?


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