On Mon, Feb 07, 2005 at 09:13:50PM -0500, Geoffrey wrote:
> Carol Spears wrote:
> >On Mon, Feb 07, 2005 at 07:51:01PM -0500, Geoffrey wrote:
> >
> >>I have been working with selecting sections of a photo so as to remove 
> >>the background.  Although it appears that I have selected the whole 
> >>portion of the image, when I paste it to new, I see missing pixels.  Is 
> >>this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
> >>
> >>Point is, if I've missed some pixels, they should show up as not 
> >>selected right?
> >>
> >>Gimp 2.0.4
> >>
> >>I've dropped the two images here if you would like to check them out. 
> >>Note the missing pixels on the second image, (primarily on her legs and 
> >>arms).
> >>
> >>http://www.cailinsiuil.org/
> >>
> >
> >it would be easier to see the problem with the xcf saved with the
> >selection you used.
> I put it on the site as well.
i looked at this.  you could see with quickmask that there were some
half alpha areas.  i am not sure how you made the selections still, but
i was able to fairly simply convert the selection to a path and back
again (i did some feathering in between my steps) and the problem went

it would be someone elses call whether it is a bug or not.  

> >it is recommended that you work at 400% view so that you can see if
> >there are problems like this.
> I looked at it at even a greater % and still could not see any pixels 
> that were not in the selection.
> >another thing to do is to save the selection as a layer in your xcf so
> >you can fix any pixels problems like this, whether it is a problem with
> >the selection technique or with gimp.
> Well, I used the clone tool to fix it up, but I'm still thinking there's 
> a problem with GIMP.
there are still ways to use the selection -- converting it to a path
worked for me.  the weird half selected areas were somewhat obvious with
quickmask toggled.  

> >the image demonstrates a problem but it is not enough to determine if it
> >is your technique or a gimp bug.  also, before filing a bug report, it
> >might be good to update your gimp to 2.2 and see if the same problem
> >exists there.
> I know, I've been planning, but it's been busy.  I'll download it 
> tonight. :)
if they would fix the file selector, it would be darn near perfect; as
far as i am concerned.


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