> I don't have the message, so am unable to view the source or send it to 
> you, but it seems there is indeed one lurking on a Windows machine 
> somewhere that is on this list.  I wonder sometimes if it would be wise 
> to block all Windows generated email to a list anymore.  Lucky for 
> those of us that use Linux.

Which mails do you want to block exactly?

[ ] messages sent by Outlook (Express)?
[ ] messages sent ba the SMTP service of a Windows server system
[ ] messages sent by MS Exchange
[ ] messages sent by the Windows versions of any mailing software, e.g.
Mozilla Thunderbird
[ ] any message sent from a windows system

Sounds like a good thing to do in general. If enough people do this, virus
writer will finally start to support other platforms, all the users running
things as root will get hit, and the security efforts emerging from this
will make the net a much better place than nowadays. 


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