BandiPat wrote:
Hey all,

Someone brought up the problem of a virus being passed around from the list a few days ago. I remember everyone kind of shot him down though. Well, I have been getting them as well and another just today.

The point is, it may very well be coming through the list, but you can not be guaranteed it's coming from the email address listed as the sender without verifying the header information in the email.

So, if I send and email with the sender addressed spoofed to an address of someone on the gimp list, it can well get posted to the list and then on out to everyone on the list.

But, don't start pointing fingers at the sender unless you've verified the headers of the email address. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you don't know if any email you receive is truly coming from the address that is listed as the sender.

Until later, Geoffrey
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