Carol Spears wrote:

for how many years now does Photoshop(TM) get free advertising on this
mail list and the only thing that have to fill the free time with is
that layers effect thing?

a forum where they can constantly bombard and belittle TheGIMP and are
free to do so and the best they can pull out of their over-extended
reasoning is this layers effect stuff.

do any gimp users think this is helping them?


I think you have to accept that, on a gimp forum, people are going to discuss what they like and what they don't like about the gimp, while inevitably comparing it to the alternatives that are available. It's also a fact that people post to a user forum with problems more than they post with tales of glee. Perhaps that's a shame; I think it's inevitable.

Since you bring it up, I was thinking just earlier today how frustrated I get when something suddenly stops working and I need to stop what I'm doing and look through the manual to find out what's wrong. The manual, btw, is always close at hand. I was wondering if it's' something I should discuss with the list or not. How can the interface be improved? What are its short comings? Does anyone else have this problem with it? Judging by Carey Bunks's FAQ section at the end of every chapter of "Grokking the GIMP", yes. It would be nice to see some discussion of the GIMP's design, or its roadmap, or to feel that one can be involved in this project other than just by submitting bug reports or hacking code.

As for layer effects, well perhaps you should ask the users what it is they get out of them. Who knows? You might learn something.

Sometimes the GIMP helps me, sometimes it hinders me. That's how it is. Not being a programmer, there's not much I can do directly to change it. And since you'd rather I bite my lip about it, it's unlikely that anybody else will do anything about it either.

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