At least, most users makes resonable complains. Sometimes I get pissed
off when Iīm talking with friends at IRC and they tell me that gimp
sucks and itīs nerd thing. This is something negative. But, when you
say that something in the interface annoys you, or you donīt like how
gimp deals with cmyk, or that it tool are wack, itīs okay... itīs
acceptable. However, it would be really nice with you say how would
you like it to be, what else it should do, how to improve it...

I know that most of us, in this list or whatever else, arenīt
programmers. I wish I was! I wish I could help gimp figuring out these

I dont know what else can I say. 

I think thatīs all...


And I pretty concerned about free software on europe... it can be our "end".
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