On Thu, May 26, 2005 at 02:23:23PM -0400, BandiPat wrote:
> I'll try to clarify Pierre's & Erika's points, if I'm reading them 
> correctly.  You have obviously gone off in a different direction than I 
> think either of them were heading, but you also make some good points.  
> Is that being diplomatic enough?  ;o)
thank you, and you are being diplomatic enough.

i had no idea what i was getting into when i started to spend some of my
enthusiasm for great software and great ideas.  i tried in another email
to express my warnings in a different language.

there are so many reasons that the software does not compare.

gimp relies on people doing the right thing.  the mozilla group has the
option to do the right thing or not.

when i tried to make a plug-in developing environment like this, the
gimp-developers themselves broke it and the attempt.  perhaps it was so
that i could see how it all works.

it is impossible to be diplomatic and share the experience maybe.  there
is so much about my experiences that i do not want to share with
enthusiastic users nor have them endure.  so i attempt to help with an
email that says "please research before continuing".

gimp relies on people doing the right thing.  if people dont do the
right thing, it is difficult to find who to blame.

firefox has a method for doing the right thing.  when they dont do the
right thing, everyone knows what to blame.

from my point of view, i think maybe *zilla should not be centralized
like that and see if they can survive like gimp.

in michigan, we had two newspapers.  The Detroit Free Press and the
Detroit News.  The Detroit Free Press was dying.  instead of allowing it
to die therefore allowing a perfectly good and upcoming newspaper to
fill its place, the two major papers joined.  it was a spit in the eye
of capitalism and of evolution.  and they did it in the name of these

well, calling gimp and firefox the same thing would be like calling
these two newspapers different newspapers.

now, hopefully the original poster on this thread will not loose all
their stuff and friends.  no diplomacy here.  it is too late for this.


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