Not sure what is going on in your Thunderbird, maybe a setting or something, but "reply" should send it right back to the mail list.

No, Thunderbird should not "reply" to the list with the current settings of the list.

There is no "Reply-To" header, thus a "Reply" has to go to the address in the "From" header - which is the address of the original sender, not the list.

The List address is in the "To" field. Thus only a "Reply All" will go to the list as CC (and to the original sender as TO).

Don't blame my mail client for the set-up of the list.

15 out of 17 mail lists I read have a reply-to header with the list address, the only other list which has one is one I only read and never reply - with those 15 mail lists, a "Reply" goes to the list.

Usually Thunderbird is quite good at doing replies, so I'm thinking maybe a setting is off on your end.

Definitely not.

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