John R. Culleton ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Earlier in my journey had complained about an
> obsolete intltool so I installed version 32 of that package.

Did you rerun after updating intltool?

> BTW I switched from stable cvs to unstable by deleting the
> entire ~/cvs/gimp subdirectory and using the command
> cvs checkout -r HEAD gimp
> I used this technique to avoid conflicts between versions.
> The initial splash screen for the resulting Gimp says:
> Pixeldumper Developers Release 2.3
> but the window displayed when I click help>about still says
> version 2.2.9 

It seems you installed the old and the new gimp in the same prefix.
The about dialog should say 2.3.1.

Make sure that you read the file HACKING and INSTALL in CVS.


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