So far I have compiled them all from source.. Since I am new to Mac's I am
not sure how to package them yet for easy install.. Otherwise I would make
what I have done thus far available on my site.

Once I figure out this GIMP issue then I will probably address packaging
them up. So far everything else has had no issues using the standard
compile process.

Fink and folks do not have Intel versions available yet, and I did not
want to run in non-native mode.


> Hi Scott,
> Am 10.02.2006 um 20:27 schrieb Scott:
>> I am attempting to build GIMP 2.3.7 on an Intel IMac. The configure
>> goes
>> fine, however when I run make I get an error. The following is the
>> tail
>> end of the output:
> sorry, can't help with that, I'm still waiting for my new machine
> (MacBook).
> How did you try to compile this? I mean, are there fink or
> darwinports or something like that involved or how did you satisfy
> all the dependencies of GIMP?
> lexA
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