Paul Waldo wrote:

Thanks for the reply, Doug. This looks like it may be the ticket. If it works as advertised, $39 is *nothing*. After spending many tens of hours trying to get wine to work for me, the purchase of Crossover office was a godsend! I think this product may be in the same vein. I want to print pictures, not mess with printing software! Thanks again; I'll post my results back to the list once I've had a chance to test.


On Monday 20 February 2006 7:38 am, Doug wrote:
I've had much the same problem with Gimp 2.2.4 and the Epson Stylus
Photo 2100 running under Linux Mandrake LE2005.
However, while waiting for a proper colour management solution to arrive
in gimp/gutenprint, in the interim I've been able to get a pretty good
match between monitor and printer output  using  Turboprint
The only thing is that it costs (30 euros, 39 dollars) for the full

Hope that may help.


If you do decide to go with turboprint, a couple of tips -

You *should* follow the recommendations to adjust Saturation and Gamma in Gimp. Otherwise Gimp images that print with perfectly good colour matching in other apps, say OODraw, come out very wishy-washy when printed directly from Gimp itself.

Not all apps allow the full range of printer adjustments; use xtpconfig if you need these.



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