* Gracia M. Littauer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [08-19-06 22:33]:
> I originally had 'rawphoto' in /opt/gnome/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins and
> 'dcraw' in  /usr/bin

I don't believe that it is necessary in 10.1 to have ufraw listed in
either of the gimp plug-ins directories.  I do not!
> I went back to that, with the older rawphoto & at last got something to 
> open, but not what I would call an improvement.
> UFraw seems to be either a rawphoto plugin (front end?)

no, it's not.  It uses dcraw, not rawphoto.  Rawphoto also uses dcraw.
> >You can also open ufraw from the cl: /usr/bin/ufraw
> maybe you can...I can't ;^)

then your installation is bonkers, iiuc.
> As far as I know either rawphoto-gimp or ufraw (the front ends?) belong 
> in  /opt/gnome/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins
> and dcraw belongs in usr/bin

note, from /usr/share/doc/packages/ufraw/README:

  You also need to make sure that rawphoto is not installed.

> But with that I still get that less then useful window

You have not followed the installation instructions for UFRaw.

> <pat>
> Please, unless specifically requested otherwise, questions and/or
> answers posted to the list _should_ have their responses posted on the
> net.  Others may have the same problem and benefit from the
> conversation.
> </pat>

ps. I saw your examples, but they do not appear on the list.  If you
want to display them for the list, you will have to provide urls.  If
you cannot, send me private mail and I will make them available.
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