Yo Tim,

> I've been using ufraw for the past several months and like it quite a
> bit.

Thanks. After picking though the replies I have received, I found the 
diamond in the dross. I deleted rawphoto (can't be there if ufraw is 
there), kept dcraw in usr/bin...needed for other viewer programs & 
installed ufcraw from SuSE 10.1 DVD in opt/gnome/lib/gimp/2.2/plug-ins.

Now wasn't that just the easiest! 

 You're right, as I also said, it a very nice plugin...does the job very 
well & with ease. Installing it was also easy...ah hem ;^). 

I hope you don't mind my jaunty salutation, makes me feel young & list 
email is too informal for the usual one.

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