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Yo Tim,

installed ufcraw from SuSE 10.1 DVD in opt/gnome/lib/gimp/2.2/plug-ins.

My quick search of suse and ufraw was that  SuSE was on 0.6 or so of ufraw. It is at 0.9.1
I could be wrong - but worth checking out. It is pretty easy to configure-make-make install
and you will get the latest and greatest. ufraw and dcraw both seem to be pretty active developments and I personally like the improvements both are making (ufraw seems to incorporate the latest dcraw pretty quickly as well. Put them together with Gimp and it is pretty sweet.

I hope you don't mind my jaunty salutation, makes me feel young & list
email is too informal for the usual one.
no prob

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