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> Selon Simon Budig <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Thanks for your cool answer Simon...mine to Carol was almost sarcastic.
sorry for your misunderstanding.  this is what i would say to a friend.
an example would be a situation where they had purchased a new car with
air conditioning.

"Carol, should i stop driving this car that i bought and instead drive
your car.  Does it have air conditioning?"

"Friend, no.  My car doesn't have air conditioning.  You should keep
driving the car that you purchased."

to suggest to the person asking this question that it is worth the money
saved to not bother with layer effects is me giving this opinion of mine
as a fact.  this is rude to me.

if the Photoshop that will be used is a stolen copy -- then yes, it was
very very sarcastic.

thank you for your concern,


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