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> Very clear.
> Thanks for a so clear and energizing answer Simon !
> It's full of good things even if you warn us about the time it can take.
> Topic almost closed for me...
> Sincerely.
> > What happens *after* Gimp 2.4 has been released will go more along the
> > lines you mention. We'll have great changes in the infrastructure (see
> > pippins link to GEGL) which makes things like adjustment layers or even
> > direct effects possible. However, it will be quite some time until this
> > 2.5 development series results in the next stable 2.6 or even 3.0.
> >
i would like to make this one request.  that is that the ettiquette that
is described on www.gimp.org about how mail to this list is formatted be
at least attempted:

i am very sorry that the page has been formated in a way that you have
to scroll the page to read the ettiquette which has been suggested

it has been my experience that even an honest attempt to not top-post
emails to this list will be appreciated.  i understand that everyone has
different expectations of emails and such and i equally appreciate the
time that is spent by you to at least consider this.



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