On Tue, 2006-12-05 at 15:37 -0500, Ben Walker wrote:

> You make a good point.  I didn't bring up the topic to complain, but 
> rather to point out that those who think they dislike the SDI interface 
> on Windows might like it if it worked.

I think we are well aware of the problem and we would like to improve
it. A lot of changes in the development version actually deal with it.
Unfortunately it turned out that they only improve the situation with
window managers on UNIX. We had to turn off most of this on Win32
because it doesn't work. It even made things worse.

> Should I join the developer list to discuss the website, or should I 
> post suggestions, sketches to this list for user input?

There's a gimp-web mailing-list. But the website is pretty much
unmaintained and I am not sure if the gimp-web list is going to give you
the attention you would like to get. I would very much welcome an effort
to improve the website.


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