Since this is all about GIMP vs. PS, I just would like to say that these 
softwares may be basically the same, the end result depends more on the user. 
Both softwares have the same tools on their tool bars, or tools menu, and they 
also they function as good as the other. This is not a factor to some people, 
those who are not fund of using filters (for PS) or script-fu (for GIMP).

However we cannot deny that most graphic artists or layout editors choose PS 
over GIMP, for the reason that they are not used to it yet, or that they have 
faith in PS more. So, with regards to this, I would like to point out that you 
can always customize GIMP shortcuts to match or to mimic those of PS. This will 
be much easier for new user. ( I'm sorry I can't find the url where I found the 
shortcut equivalents, but I'm sure it's  out there somewhere). 

In my own preference, both softwares are good, but as for this moment, I use PS 
more than gimp  because of this feature which enables you to folder your 
layers. It runs well under wine, and performs OK. 

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