On Tue, 2006-12-05 at 11:13 -0500, Ben Walker wrote:

> There are no settings/plugins in GIMP (to my knowledge) that  
> provide either a reliable MDI interface or a truly usable SDI 
> interface.  New settings recently added like "transient windows" have 
> quirks, and "always on top" is not a good alternative either.  I 
> understand that developers are saying (I'm sure justifiably) that 
> Windows is the real problem.  Be that as it may, on Windows, GIMP does 
> not achieve a truly usable interface. 

You are perfectly right here. The problem is however that we don't have
much, if any, active developers that contribute Win32 specific code to
GTK+ and GIMP that would address this problem. There is almost no
contributions from Windows users, but lots of complaints. Now tell me
why we should even care about them?

We would accept patches. There is a lot to do to improve the user
experience on the Windows platform. Same holds true for Mac OS X. But
unless there's active contributions, this isn't going to change. No
matter how loud the complaints are.


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