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> Hi,
> On Tue, 2006-12-05 at 11:13 -0500, Ben Walker wrote:
> > There are no settings/plugins in GIMP (to my knowledge) that
> > provide either a reliable MDI interface or a truly usable SDI
> > interface.  New settings recently added like "transient windows" have
> > quirks, and "always on top" is not a good alternative either.  I
> > understand that developers are saying (I'm sure justifiably) that
> > Windows is the real problem.  Be that as it may, on Windows, GIMP does
> > not achieve a truly usable interface.
> You are perfectly right here. The problem is however that we don't have
> much, if any, active developers that contribute Win32 specific code to
> GTK+ and GIMP that would address this problem. There is almost no
> contributions from Windows users, but lots of complaints. Now tell me
> why we should even care about them?
> We would accept patches. There is a lot to do to improve the user
> experience on the Windows platform. Same holds true for Mac OS X. But
> unless there's active contributions, this isn't going to change. No
> matter how loud the complaints are.
> Sven

If there was an option in Gimp to dock the windows so that they
function as one, that would solve the problem. Ie - bring one to the
front, they all come to the front. I don't know about Win32, as I'm on
Linux, but that's one feature that I have yet to discover.

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