Luca de Alfaro wrote:
> I wholeheartedly agree.
> It is an absurdity that some print drivers ship with separate .icc profiles.
> I am not quite sure why the situation evolved, but I suspect that
> professional users started to wish to have a way to calibrate their
> output for their specific printer (even now, people who care about
> color matching have their specific printer profiled).  As it was
> difficult to modify the printer driver to accept the .icc profile, the
> developers of sophisticated applications such as Photoshop started to
> include support for such profiles.
> So, it is a good point that in the gimp architecture, perhaps
> gimp-print or gutenprint is the most logical place where to support
> printer profiles.
> Luca
> On 12/21/06, Chris Mohler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> I suspect Chris' reply was meant to go to the list.  So I reply here.
>> Whoops - thanks.
>>> Monitor calibration should be done in the video driver.  Or in the
>>> monitor.
>> You're probably right.
>> Chris
>> _______________________________________________

It should be pointed out that an icc profile is not for a printer, but
rather a printer and a specific paper.  You need separate ones for each
type of paper.  If you're really fussy, you might want to change the
profile for each box of paper.  In any event, the profile for matte
paper is definitely different from glossy paper.  Some printers even use
different inks for them.

Similarly, monitors change over time and need to be re-profiled as they
do.  The default for a Spyder2PRO is weekly.


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