"Chris Mohler" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> One thing I never understood is:
>> Why do applications have to deal with color profiles?
>> Color profiles are hardware device specific and at least in the case
>> of printers they are specific to the combination of printer and
>> driver (and paper).  I think color profiles are best dealt with in the
>> device driver.  That way the output of all applications will be
>> consistant and every application does not need to reinvent the wheel.
>> Matthias
> That seems to be the thinking behind leaving the CMYK space(s) behind.
> OTOH, there are several uses for ICC profiles in RGB space(s) -
> monitor calibration, for one.

I suspect Chris' reply was meant to go to the list.  So I reply here.

Monitor calibration should be done in the video driver.  Or in the


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