Steve Thompson ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I guess that about says it all, right?  We listen to our users, but
> adjustment layers is a pointless discussion.

I really sometimes get the impression that my mails simply get ignored.
Why is that? Are they too reasonable? Not flame-provoking enough?

To spell it out clearly: "Adjustment layers" is basically a solved
problem. It won't be in 2.4 since we cannot make this depend on GEGL
obviously, but it will be in there as soon as the gimp core with GEGL
works, the work on that will start post-2.4. Sorry, that we cannot give
a complete schedule, we are not enough people with a too uncertain
amount of time to be able to spent on the GIMP.

So what is not pointless about this discussion?

And if you consider GEGL to be vaporware, I'd like to ask you to
reconsider and look for the existing stuff.

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