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> Steven Woody wrote:
> > thanks for all the information, but i still expect the adjustment
> > layer to be available in the future releases. anyway, adjustment layer
> > is not wholly in function equal to duplicate a layer.
> So, if you 'expect' this functionality in a future release, when do you
> plan to implement it? :)

Ah, but it is nice to have the talents of a skilled comedian on this list. :-)

Adjustment layers have to be in a future implementation of Gimp if we
expect the tool to remain in any way competitive.  Both Krita and
Pixel, which have not been around for as long as the Gimp, support
this feature already!

I've read here that people are trying to hobble along with the
duplicate/modify image technique, which I am forced of course to use
as well.  There are some severe problems with this:
1) When I pull the 10 mp images from my camera and try to make a
composition, having several faux adjustment layers means consuming
ginormous amounts of memory.
2) After altering a specific layer, I cannot go back and see/alter
what I've done.  My only recourse is to either delete the layer and
add another or to hope that I can undo back to the point that I need.
3) Hand in hand with #1, my Gimp files become painfully large.  I do
not own a computer for the sole purpose of supporting the Gimp!

Is there no way that the Gimp can leverage some of the work already
done by the Krita folks?  I'm afraid that if Krita/digiKam was to
become integrated in the future, much of the need for the Gimp would
simply go away.

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