On 1/10/07, Brendan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Adjustment layers have to be in a future implementation of Gimp if we
> > expect the tool to remain in any way competitive.  Both Krita and
> You must be new. The devs running this list do not care about moving the
> Gimp forward to compete or about hearing new ideas. Give up now.

I am new, but I was aware of this before joining the list.  Still, I
am passionate about the Gimp, and its raw potential leaves me
optimistic enough to think that with enough people requesting
features, someone might decide to make them priorities.

> If you check the
> archives, many interesting ideas have been proposed. Best idea is to just
> submit code and code them out of existence.

Were that I had the time!

I guess for now the best option open to me is to use the Gimp until
other tools become a little more mature.

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