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On 1/11/07, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> your mail clearly shows that you worked too long in corporate
> programming environments in order to understand how free software
> development works.

Well, you got me there.  Having only worked on about a half dozen open
source projects, I'm just too incredibly inept to understand your
development model.  Thank you for the enlightenment.

> But rest assured that we have a roadmap (guess what
> we are doing on our annual developer meetings) and that we care about
> our users. Now instead of wasting more time with this pointless
> discussion,

I guess that about says it all, right?  We listen to our users, but
adjustment layers is a pointless discussion.

Good luck to you and your merry band of 'volunteers'.  I'll invest no
more time into this list, and I will make due with your application
until I can supplant it with something better.  And if I can find the
time, perhaps I will write some code.  Unfortunately though your
attitude has put me off a bit, and if I wanted to contribute it would
not be to the Gimp.

Sincerest regards,

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