Steve Thompson ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Still, I am passionate about the Gimp, and its raw potential leaves me
> optimistic enough to think that with enough people requesting
> features, someone might decide to make them priorities.

Please also consider, that the GIMP project is not as big as it might
seem to you (have a look at the number of people actively committing in
the recent time, read the ChangeLog). The number of contributors in the
AUTHORS file is misleading, since these are the people accumulated in
more than 10 years of time.

There are a lot of interesting problems in the GIMPs codebase and we can
only program on the GIMP when we have an interest in the problems to
solve. Users requesting features usually don't make these features more
interesting, hence the "we don't program for market share" stance.

Producing a wild hack to satisfy the immediate need of some users for
adjustment layers is more disgusting than interesting.

In contrast an interesting problem is e.g. to substitute the internal
pixel representation with a more flexible and powerful system.
Incidentially this will result in adjustment layers for free.

Oh, there is someone working on it:  ;)

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