Hi gimp-user,

Thanks to everyone that responded to my questions.

I found, while going through a tutorial, that to draw a circle you can
use the ellipse tool with the shift key held down. Same with the
rectangle tool to get a square.

I found an excellent site and just thought I'd pass it on
http://epaperpress.com/psphoto.   The book targets Photoshop, but the
concepts are similar. They have very nice graphics that you can
interactively change to see the effects. Cool! Gimpguru has been
helpful, too.

My latest problem. I have a very nice black and white photo of a
couple. The only problem is the man's right arm and part of his chest
are too light. I tried using the cloning and smudge tool, but it
looked like he was wearing a dead raccoon. Not the look I was going
for :-) I so much just want to draw a rectangle around the arm and say
darken, but how do I do that in GIMP?

I played around with layers, layer masks (which I know very little
about), but have not been successful.  Is there help for this poor
fellow's arm?

Thank you.


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