>> My latest problem. I have a very nice black and white photo of a
>> couple. The only problem is the man's right arm and part of his chest
>> are too light. I tried using the cloning and smudge tool, but it
>> looked like he was wearing a dead raccoon. Not the look I was going
>> for :-) I so much just want to draw a rectangle around the arm and say
>> darken, but how do I do that in GIMP?
A> If that's really all you want, do just that. Use the rectange select 
A> tool and then Brightness-Contrast in the Colour Tools. (Other ways of 
A> selecting might give you better results, though.)

This may be an "ah ha" moment for me :-) Do you mean, if I make a
selection with any of the Selection Tools, that others Color Tools
will be limited to that selection...  D'oh!

I guess I was already doing that with the Paint Bucket and Gradient,
but didn't think other Tools and Dialogs obeyed, like Levels. I'll
have to play with this.

If I have a house in the background, and I want to make the grass
greener in the front, I can select just the grass and use something
like Color Balance. I'd like the leaves browner (it was fall). Both
the leaves and grass got really washed out, while the house looks
really nice.  I saw a picture the other day of a wheat field taken
on a cloudy day, and the photographer magically made the wheat more
golden, the sky bluer, the grass green, all on an individual basis.
I definitely wanted to learn how to do the same.

I have all my GIMP dialogs in one Dock. I'm constantly looking at
GIMP's Layers to make sure I know what I am working on. How do I know
which layer the selection belongs to? I made a selection on one layer,
saw the marching ants, clicked on the other layer, and the ants were
still marching on the second layer :-) I was just wondering, if I get
interrupted during a selection, and come back and want to confirm
which layer the selection resides in, is there a way to tell? I'm
looking at the Title bar and Status bar, but nothing seems to stands

Thank you.


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