> DJ wrote:
> > My latest problem. I have a very nice black and white photo of a
> > couple. The only problem is the man's right arm and part of his chest
> > are too light. I tried using the cloning and smudge tool, but it

Andrew writes:
> If that's really all you want, do just that. Use the rectange select 
> tool and then Brightness-Contrast in the Colour Tools. (Other ways of 
> selecting might give you better results, though.)

If the rectangle doesn't line up quite right, try other selection
shapes too, like the free select (lasso) tool. Whatever shape you
use, you'll almost certainly want to add a lot of feathering to the
selection, otherwise you'll see a very sharp line at the edge of
the part you darkened.

If the area to be darkened isn't too large, you might get better
results with the Dodge/Burn tool, since this is exactly what it's
made for. To darken an area, set it to "Burn" rather than "Dodge" (I
know that seems backward -- it has to do with old paper darkrooms),
and set Mode to either Midtones or Highlights depending on how
bright the area is to begin with.  (Experiment with both and see
which works best). You'll probably want a large fuzzy brush.

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