Hi Claus,

>> I guess I was already doing that with the Paint Bucket and Gradient,
>> but didn't think other Tools and Dialogs obeyed, like Levels. I'll
>> have to play with this.

CC> I would suggest

CC> 1.) Make a selection with the lasso tool.
CC> 2.) Increase the selection by several pixels.

 This is Select -> Grow, correct?

CC> 3.) Feather this selection by the same value.

 When you say Feather the selection, do you mean:
   a) take a fuzzy brush around the selection, or
   b) when I make the selection, click the checkbox on the Selection
      Tool that says "Feather Edges"?

   The question that comes to my mind is, how do you fuzzy and
   existing selection?

Thank you.


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