> I really get peeved by these types of articles.  GIMP is GIMP.  Krita is
> Krita.  CinePaint is CinePaint.  Each is a tool.  Use the right tool for
> the job.  There are lots of hammers.  Some are good for some projects.
> Others are good for other projects.  None are good for all projects.  As
> an author, he should know that and write accordingly.  In this case, it
> looks like he's more interested in publicly bashing one tool (which
> would be an opinion piece, which this is not intended to be) instead of
> trying to help his readers (a reference piece or review, which this *is*
> intended to be).

Nice retort.  You should consider sending that to LJ's 'reader
letters' section (which I always read as soon as my sub arrives in the

I've never been able to understand all the excessive bashing that GIMP
regularly gets (UI complaints, color space limitations [which has
never kept me from my day to day work], etc.).  I use GIMP regularly
and pretty much have zero complaints.  It's a great, power horse
application, and has been a solidly pleasant experience to use since
2.* in my opinion.  BTW, I use GIMP mostly for web graphics and some

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