Same here.  I read that article and felt like they were bashing the 
Gimp. I did download Krista to see how it worked.  I ended up 
uninstalling since it ran pretty slow.  Seems like everything for KDE 
runs slow! *LOL* Anyways I'm really used to the Gimp and it's fast 
compared to other image editing software I used. In fact I"m going to 
college for Media Arts & Animation and they require you to use 
Photoshop..I have yet to use that program and even got some other 
students to try the Gimp. There is another article in the Linux Journal 
about how to make images for websites  which is pretty interesting. 
Anyways there are several tools out there.  I use the Gimp for my 
websites to printing artwork & comics. Inkscape when I need to do some 
vector artwork & logos. 

Eric P wrote:
>> I really get peeved by these types of articles.  GIMP is GIMP.  Krita is
>> Krita.  CinePaint is CinePaint.  Each is a tool.  Use the right tool for
>> the job.  There are lots of hammers.  Some are good for some projects.
>> Others are good for other projects.  None are good for all projects.  As
>> an author, he should know that and write accordingly.  In this case, it
>> looks like he's more interested in publicly bashing one tool (which
>> would be an opinion piece, which this is not intended to be) instead of
>> trying to help his readers (a reference piece or review, which this *is*
>> intended to be).
> Nice retort.  You should consider sending that to LJ's 'reader
> letters' section (which I always read as soon as my sub arrives in the
> mail).
> I've never been able to understand all the excessive bashing that GIMP
> regularly gets (UI complaints, color space limitations [which has
> never kept me from my day to day work], etc.).  I use GIMP regularly
> and pretty much have zero complaints.  It's a great, power horse
> application, and has been a solidly pleasant experience to use since
> 2.* in my opinion.  BTW, I use GIMP mostly for web graphics and some
> print.
> Eric
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