On Wednesday 20 June 2007, Rachael H. wrote:
> Same here.  I read that article and felt like they were bashing the
> Gimp. I did download Krista to see how it worked.  I ended up
> uninstalling since it ran pretty slow.  Seems like everything for KDE

With Krita, what's exciting is how fast it progresses. It has insanely 
advanced features, but is still missing the basics in many ways. And now I'm 
so used to Gimp that I'm not sure if it was just me, or actual, but I felt 
the UI was very....restrictive.

> runs slow! *LOL* Anyways I'm really used to the Gimp and it's fast

The only thing I would add is the fact that the progress bars that seem to 
move at wildly different speeds (move quickly, pause, move quickly, pause, 
then suddenly the operation is done) make the speed feel...slow. showfoto 
under KDE has a great progress bar, and it seems to judge how long something 
will take very accurately. Photoshop has a good one...It makes it feel like 
you can gauge how long something will take...

> compared to other image editing software I used. In fact I"m going to
> college for Media Arts & Animation and they require you to use
> Photoshop..I have yet to use that program and even got some other

Still think that having a shortcut layout that mimics PS would be a great 
feature. Just a shortcut list that's easily loadable like the Theme selector 
in Preferences. Would make it so easy to get a bunch of people over...but 
alas, talking about that got me banned from the list by the Dynamic Duo, so 
I'll shut up about it.
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