On Wednesday 20 June 2007, Eric P wrote:
> > I really get peeved by these types of articles.  GIMP is GIMP.  Krita is
> > Krita.  CinePaint is CinePaint.  Each is a tool.  Use the right tool for
> > the job.  There are lots of hammers.  Some are good for some projects.
> > Others are good for other projects.  None are good for all projects.  As
> > an author, he should know that and write accordingly.  In this case, it
> > looks like he's more interested in publicly bashing one tool (which
> > would be an opinion piece, which this is not intended to be) instead of
> > trying to help his readers (a reference piece or review, which this *is*
> > intended to be).
> Nice retort.  You should consider sending that to LJ's 'reader
> letters' section (which I always read as soon as my sub arrives in the
> mail).
> I've never been able to understand all the excessive bashing that GIMP
> regularly gets (UI complaints, color space limitations [which has

I don't see much more bashing than anything else. It's the Windows Virus 
Syndrome: Gimp is just about the only great image editor in the Linux world 
with any serious usage over time, so it's going to get nailed by opinions. It 
also has a very different UI from most, so...

And the color issues relate to it replacing PS for high-end work. I think 
people are saying "Aww, shucks, I wish Gimp had this so I could ditch PS" 
not "Darn, I can't use Gimp to edit Little Susie's pictures because it 
doesn't have CMYK." Most newbies open up Gimp, see three weird windows pop up 
with a How-To dialog and say "Yuck, what's this?". The name doesn't help 
either. Just basing this on countless interactions I've had with models or 
other photographers sitting here near my workstation, seeing me download my 
images and go through my workflow of digikam download -> Gqview to delete the 
bad ones -> Gimp to edit the good ones -> showfoto to apply different color 
effects (Infra, BW conversion, etc.) 

In that context, it's quite easy to understand why people have strong opinions 
about it, especially since PS is a big chunkachange.

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