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Akki Nitsch wrote:
> Hi everybody on the list,
> I'm testing the GIMP on various operating systems for my masterthesis
> (in that i want to show the capabilities of open-source-software for
> technical writing) and i hope that somebody could answer me the
> following question (more to follow ;-) :
> As a programmer and technical writer for software i love the ability
> of getting screenshots directly from and into the GIMP via the
> "Acquire" submenu -> "Screen shot".


Irrespective of operating system, doesn't just using the 'PrintScreen'
key, then opening the screenshot in Gimp do the trick?
Followed by 'Crop' to taste.

Actually, no.
On Linux/X11/DWM, for example,  it does.. precisely nothing. Gnome includes
that keybinding you mention, so it will work if you are running Gnome, but
not KDE. Also-- does a Mac keyboard even HAVE a PrintScreen key? Google
saith: no, it doesn't :)
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