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> Hi,
> > should have a Printscreen key (less keys are better, not more). Anyway
> > such a function should be kept out of an OS (and it's terrible that
> > both Mac and Windows implement it as part of the OS.) -- the user
> > should be able to use the keys on his keyboard as he decides.
> Taking screenshots is a basic functionality that every desktop should
> provide. Of course it is a good idea to make the keyboard shortcut
> configurable. But there is definitely nothing terrible about providing
> this functionality. I would even go as far as considering any desktop
> incomplete and broken that does not provide it.
Well, that's fine. I don't like Gnome, so I don't use it; I use Linux,
X11, and DWM, and press Super-A and type 'scrot' to take a screenshot
(at the rare times that I've found this useful.); maybe I'll bind
'scrot' to Super-S later.  It's not clear whether my desktop is broken
or not in your terms, since I have a straightforward way
(autocompleting command menu) of accessing it, but no direct

My intended thread of thought was, if it is built into the OS, you
can't make it go away. Building the functionality into the desktop
environment is expected (and equally, I expect it to go away and leave
my keyboard alone when I tell it to - I couldn't easily get Gnome to
do this, which is one of the reasons I stopped using it, the other
being it wanted me to manage my windows instead of managing them for
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