On Tuesday 21 August 2007, David Gowers wrote:
> On 8/21/07, Konstantin Svist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Thanks everyone for advice!
> > I'll definitely try playing with the pressure curves.
> > And yes, 'p1' was apparently a modified brush (the original
> > artist confirmed it :). But that aside, p2 and o1 look a lot
> > better than g1... I've heard somewhere that gimp was made for
> > photo editing, not drawing/sketching.. so I guess it's not very
> > likely this will change?
> I think it's fairly likely. stroke smoothing is useful for photo
> editing too..
> > Are there any programs in Linux that were actually made for
> > drawing/sketching?
> Krita (which I personally have not had much luck with, i found it
> crashed a lot)
> > Thanks!

The version of Krita I have doesn't crash as before but it runs dead 
slow.  The number of filters and scripts is very limited compared to 
Gimp. But the CMYK color model was built in from the get go which 
ultimately will make it a winner for those in publishing. 

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