Thank you all for the interesting comments and information. In the past
I was a great fan of the SLR and I had several starting with a Russian
camera, 'Zenit', which I still have and finishing up with a Nikon with
28mm and 135mm lenses which unfortunately were stolen. My Arthritic
problems were just starting so I moved to an Olympus compact camera with
built in zoom and have staggered from then into the digital era. In my
earlier years I had a dark room which eventually I had to give up and
now I see my computer taking over the functions of a dark room.

So you see, I am not a newcomer to photography and I am well aware of
the problems with dust etc especially with SLR cameras. As I said in my
original posting I need ease of handling and RAW. Changing lenses is not
so easy when one hand is holding a walking cane even standing for any
length of time is a problem. Carrying equipment is not comfortable and I
do like to wander on my own when out for a shoot.


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