Norman, there are several possibilities for you. First, you can stick to 
50 mm prime and use it most of the time. It is light, very qualitative 
and fast (F1.4) or 1.7. Second, you can buy light slow zoom such as  
18-200 (26-300 in 35 mm equivalent) and use it all of the time. It 
provides less quality but has a very large focus distance range. Or you 
can use any of the kits like 17-70... Note, to obtain normal focus 
distances you should multiply them by camera crop factor -1.5 for Sony, 
Pentax, Nikon and 1.6 for Canon.

norman wrote:
> Thank you all for the interesting comments and information. In the past
> I was a great fan of the SLR and I had several starting with a Russian
> camera, 'Zenit', which I still have and finishing up with a Nikon with
> 28mm and 135mm lenses which unfortunately were stolen. My Arthritic
> problems were just starting so I moved to an Olympus compact camera with
> built in zoom and have staggered from then into the digital era. In my
> earlier years I had a dark room which eventually I had to give up and
> now I see my computer taking over the functions of a dark room.
> So you see, I am not a newcomer to photography and I am well aware of
> the problems with dust etc especially with SLR cameras. As I said in my
> original posting I need ease of handling and RAW. Changing lenses is not
> so easy when one hand is holding a walking cane even standing for any
> length of time is a problem. Carrying equipment is not comfortable and I
> do like to wander on my own when out for a shoot.
> Norman

With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich

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