> So you see, I am not a newcomer to photography and I am well aware of
> the problems with dust etc especially with SLR cameras. As I said in my
> original posting I need ease of handling and RAW. Changing lenses is not
> so easy when one hand is holding a walking cane even standing for any
> length of time is a problem.

In that respect I think the Nikon D80 lens changeover is a hassle .. the 
button's not easy and I've a tamron lens that doesn't have the dot so I 
have to work it out every time. I've big hands and I think the whole 
thing's finicky: things like manual exposure settings, the wheel doesn't 
feel very ergonomic, and white balance setting's a faff too. From that 
pov I wouldn't recommend buying one unless you've tried it in the shop 

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