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> On Wednesday 19 December 2007, Thomas Worthington wrote:
>> Is there any way to restore the Alt key to its old usage in 2.4? I can't
>> drag selections anymore because it requires Alt and mouse at the same
>> time, which is a problem on Linux.
> It's a problem in some (most?) window managers, not with Linux itself.

It's not a "problem" either with window managers nor Linux - the alt-mouse  
behaviour is standard and well established; it's a problem with the Gimp  
(assuming it can't be changed).

> Personally, my preferred option is to change the WM's behaviour to move
> windows with the windows key + mouse instead of Alt + mouse.

I don't have a windows key. I do have an AltGr key but even so, generally  
I'd like the window moving functions of the window manager to stay under  
my left thumb where they've been for a decade now.

>> How do I tell Gimp to use another shift-type key for that action?
> I'm not sure if this is possible at all, especially not if from within  
> If someone else knows an answer, please go on.

I second that.

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