Thomas Worthington wrote:
> I've just reverted to 2.2
> 2.4 has too many problems to bother with; the alt key is the final straw.

I've been lurking on this list for several years.  I'd LOVE to be able 
to use Gimp instead of paying the ever increasing price of Photoshop. 
But Gimp is NOT a suitable replacement for Photoshop for most image 
editing professionals and this alt-key problem highlights why.  Gimp 
programmers make capricious changes in the software with total disregard 
for their user community.  They expect that all users are programmers, 
that they can work around bad design decisions, handle bad UI decisions, 
deal with poor documentation, write their own patches, etc.

Gimp will never come into general use until these issues are fixed. 
Firefox is a true competitor to IE because the Firefox development team 
understands these issues and built a product that "average computer 
users" can easily use.  The Gimp development team should give this 
serious consideration.  It doesn't take a lot of "work" to fix Gimp - it 
just requires a small change in focus - design the program for 
non-programmers to USE, don't make capricious changes, don't BREAK 
things when you introduce new versions.

Back to lurking...

jc - professional photographer, Photoshop user since v4.0, currently 
using CS3.
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