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>  functionally across broad boundaries.  The GIMP is not a "type" of
>  program.

>  Furthermore, you should be cautious in saying what the GIMP
>  isn't.  How can you say it is not a drawing program when much of what it
>  is meant to do necessarily involves drawing?  If you mean it is not a
Because it is not a drawing program. MSPaint is a drawing program.
Painter is a drawing program. Krita is a drawing program. Photoshop is
not a drawing program though it allows drawing, and similarly, GIMP is
not a drawing program although it allows drawing.

It's just about focus. And I believe it's fairly clear that GIMP is
focused on editing, not creation.

>  paintbrush clone, then I agree, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't do
>  everything paintbrush does.  Whether it does or does not is more or less
>  irrelevant since the developers seek to provide some set of general
>  functionality, not compare it to other software, and rightfully so.
>  If you hide a button, you may as well not have it.  Those of us

Please note that the tool would be visible in the menu ('Tools' menu),
so it would still be discoverable.

>  comfortable with computers can always find a way to accomplish what we
>  need, however tedious or obscure it might be.
>  The button is not for
>  those savvy enough look for it in the tools palette, but for those
>  novice users who want to draw a box or ellipse and can't figure out how
>  to do it.
Yes, I agree.
I want the toolbox to automatically adjust icon size to accommodate
the tool icons shown in a reasonable amount of space. This will help
encourage the user to hide tools they don't use, since the icon size
can increase then.
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